Slow cookers vs pressure cookers

When it comes to cooking, slow cookers and pressure cookers are both great to have in your kitchen. They provide convenient cooking of foods that take time to soften like meat, beans etc.  Although they provide similar results, there is much difference in the ways they achieve this result. Which appliance you prefer for cooking your meal depends upon your cooking style. Here is a comparison between the two:


Slow cookers use low heat to cook food over a long period of time. Food usually takes between 4 to 10 hours to cook in this type of cooker. You can leave the slow cooker on with the food in it to cook for the entire night or you can even leave the house while the food is cooking. It is usually convenient for users who do not want to supervise the food while it’s cooking. They can set the food in the cooker and forget it for hours.

Pressure cookers cook food by building up pressure inside a sealed pot to increase the boiling point of water. Food inside it cooks at very high temperature and is therefore ready faster than it would in any other conventional appliance. It can cook meat in less than 15 minutes after it comes to pressure. Its cooking time is much less than that for slow cooker and is a preferred choice for users who want their meals ready faster.

Quality of food:

Pressure cooker works better for meat as they retain their color and taste. Pressure cooked meat is moist and tender. Meat cooked in slow cooker can lose their texture and color because the longer the food is cooked the more it will lose its natural color, taste and nutrients. However vegetables cooked in a pressure cooker can easily be overcooked and lose their taste since they take very less time to cook. Slow cookers however, retains their shape and does not allow them to overcook.


Stovetop pressure cookers do not have any automated heat regulation. You need some expertise to know the heat adjustments and cooking times for different types of foods otherwise they will come out either burnt or overcooked. This however, is not an issue with slow cookers. These types of electric pressure cookers cook them at low heat and are designed for you to throw your ingredients in it, close the lid, turn it on and forget it! You do not have to worry about food being burnt even if you leave if for hours.

In conclusion, pressure cooker cooks food faster and retains the color, taste and nutrients of most ingredients however you need to be in the kitchen for constant supervision during the entire time it’s cooking. Slow cooker takes a much longer time to cook food but once you have put the ingredients in the cooker and turned it on, no supervision is required. You can utilize this time doing something else.

3 easy sauces with your blender

If you have a blender in your kitchen you would know how useful this appliance is.  If you are using blender to make only smoothies and milkshakes like many other uninformed people, you should know you are using your blender to only a fraction of its true capacity. It can do so much more! Did you know you can use your blender to make soups, sauces and even nut butters! If you didn’t know, it’s time to take your cooking experience to new levels. Start by trying some of our mouth-watering, very quick and easy homemade sauce recipes that you can make with some simple ingredients and your trusty blender.

Barbeque sauce:


  1.      1 cup roasted tomatoes (cut into pieces)
  2.      1 tbps molasses
  3.      1 tsp honey
  4.      ½ tsp white vinegar
  5.      ½ tsp red chili powder
  6.      ½ tsp paprika powder
  7.      1 tsp garlic powder
  8.      ½ tsp salt
  9.      ½ tsp pepper


  1.      Add all the ingredients to your blender jar and secure the lid tightly.
  2.      Blend until you get a smooth mixture. Do not let the motor run continuously for too long. Turn it off at intervals and then turn it back on after checking the texture of the mixture.
  3.      Your sauce is ready.
  4.      If you want you can heat the sauce in a saucepan to make it thicker or right in the blender if your blender comes with heating functionality. I
  5.      Use this sauce as you please. You can use it as a spread on your burgers or to marinate chicken or steaks.

Alfredo sauce:


  1.      1 cup Parmesan cheese (grated)
  2.      1 cup heavy cream
  3.      1 garlic clove (chopped)


  1.      Add all the ingredients to your blender jar and secure the lid tightly.
  2.      Blend until you get a smooth, thick mixture.
  3.      Your sauce is ready.
  4.      If you want you can heat the sauce if you want.
  5.      You can use it as a dipping sauce with French fries or bread sticks. It can also be served with boiled pasta to make it into a complete meal.

Apple cinnamon syrup:


  1.      2 apples (remove skin and cut into pieces)
  2.      2 tbsp lemon juice
  3.      3 tbsp apple juice
  4.      1 tsp cinnamon powder
  5.      1 tbsp cornstarch


  1.      Add all the ingredients except for cornstarch to your blender jar.
  2.      Secure the lid tightly.
  3.      Blend till you get a smooth paste.
  4.      Transfer your mixture to a saucepan.
  5.      Add cornstarch to the saucepan.
  6.      Cook the mixture on medium flame till it comes to boil.
  7.      Now reduce the heat and cook for another minute till it thickens.
  8.      Turn the flame off. Your sauce is ready to be served.
  9.      You can serve it with pancakes, waffles and French toast as delicious and nutritious breakfast.

You can also use a good hand blender like the Cuisinart Smart Stick for these recipes. If you are out in search for purchasing one, check out top 10;best immersion blender reviews 2018. These are only few of the delicious sauce recipes your blender can make. If you like these, you can try more sauces. Think out of the box and you can come up with your own customized sauces!

Waist Trainer Reviews to get a slimmer look

Waist trainers are becoming popular among women and even men as a means to lose weight and acquire a flatter tummy.  Waist trainers provide compression around the abdominal area and stimulate sweating which enhances weight loss. In addition to long-term benefits, they also provide instantaneous hourglass shape and make the waist appear 2 to 3 sizes slimmer. Here is a list of top 3 best waist trainers available in the market today:

Comfy Vicky Waist Trainer Corset Cincher Women Body Slimmer

The material is durable and flexible 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex. The outer layer has a hook to make the zip open and close easily while the inner is made of pure cotton, has hook and eye closure and adjustable straps. This best waist trainer gives the desired instantaneous hourglass shape along with permanent reduction of waist size. This waist trainer is suitable to be worn during exercise and enhances sweating to promote weight loss. it is also good for abdominal and back support.

Dilanni Women Latex Waist Training Cincher Underbust Corset

The product provides high compression which provides instantaneous slimming effect by taking about 3 inches off your waist. It promotes sweating around the abdomen to enhance permanent weight loss. Its 9 spiral Felix boning support is durable and flexible. 3 hook-and-eye closure system at the front provides easy adjustment of size. The material is Latex which is durable and provides compression to the garment. It can be worn under your everyday clothes and also during workout.

FOUMECH Women’s Waist Trainer Belt-Waist Cincher Trimmer

Made from comfortable, durable and flexible Neoprene fabric which is 100% Latex free.  It is easy to clean, breathable, fits your body perfectly and does not affect the skin adversely. It is perfect to be worn during workout which enhances sweating, expels toxins and leads to permanent weight loss. Velcro closure allows tight wrapping around the abdomen and adjusts to different sizes easily. It is also good for people who are looking for back support and posture improvement. Women who have just given birth and want to get their post-pregnancy belly back can wear this to achieve the purpose in lesser time.

Tips for Quick Cooking Using Your Food Processor

The present day hectic routine makes it too strenuous for spending extra time or cooking. With quick cooking recipes and tricks one can spend lesser time in the kitchen while not compromising on taste. You can get yourself a food processor to help you in magical ways for doing tedious tough kitchen tasks. Here are some tips for quick cooking using your food processor:

  • Your food processor could be of great help for mixing and kneading pizza dough in less than 3 minutes. Though it would require extra time for the dough to rise.
  • You can also grind hamburgers within seconds using your food processor.
  • Food processors could allow you to mince chicken with mayonnaise or salmon with cream cheese for making a sandwich spread.
  • You can also puree the leftovers in your food processor for making baby food. There are specialized baby food makers also available in the market that are capable of not only blending and chopping but also steaming and warming as well. 
  • Food processors can also grate cheese much quicker than a box grater.
  • You can also make soups using extra-ripe melon, cherries, or tomatoes and your food processor.
  • Food processors are also of great help for making preservative-free nut butter like cashew butter, peanut butter, almond butter, etc.

  • Mayonnaise could be whipped up in five minutes in your food processor. All you need is just egg yolk, oil, and a little vinegar and your homemade mayonnaise is ready within five minutes!
  • Food processors can help you grate chocolate in bulk. This would be quite enough for dusting over cupcakes for a large party!
  • You can easily mince or grind meat for making the perfect meatballs, burger patties, or kebabs using your food processor.
  • Your food processor could help you in slicing, grating or chopping vegetables for making curries, salsa, or salad.
  • Food processor could be of great help for making sauce instantly.
  • You can also turn oats into flour just by pulsing in your food processor.
  • The food processor can also aid in making the perfect Hummus or Falafel.
  • You can also prepare the perfect desserts using your food processor. Whether it be fruit yogurt, popsicles, sorbets, and even some cakes, your food processor can help you achieve the perfect consistency and making the perfect desserts just within minutes.
  • Your food processor could also help you in making yummy milkshakes and smoothies.

If you are the one who does not want to spend extra time in the kitchen while ensuring the same taste, get yourself a food processor and try these tips. We are sure they would help you in cooking like a pro while saving on your time and effort.

Must have Dress code for womens on a golf course

Whether you are a women or a man, what you wear is very important when you are on a golf course. Golf is a game for the elite and therefore a very stylish game. You have dress up to style and standard to make yourself fit in among other golfers on a golf course along with feeling comfortable. Your comfort is as important on a golf course as your style because you need a lot of focus while making your swing. If you are wearing an uncomfortable piece of clothing, you will constantly be irritated by it and loose all focus in the game. Many high-end golf courses have a dress code which you will need to follow strictly before you can set foot on it. There are some slight differences among different golf courses in regard to the dress code but the basic idea is the same. For women, here is what it looks like:


Traditionally, polo shirts with collars used to be worn by women playing golf. Even today, many women prefer the same style of shirts. However, nowadays, with the fashion industries evolving fast, different types of golf shirts are available. Most golf courses ban tank tops, sweatshirts and sleeveless shirts. However, some golf courses will allow sleeveless shirts as long as it has collar. In a cold weather, you can wear a light jacket, vest or sweaters. Denim jackets are not allowed by most golf courses.

Golf Shoes

Golf shoes for women are a very important part of your golf attire. Your golf shoes should be comfortable, flexible and waterproof. Most good women golf shoes come with waterproof warranty. Conventional women’s golf shoes used to come with metal spikes. These are prohibited now by most golf courses since they harm the grass. Women golf shoes with rubber studs or softer spikes are likely acceptable. One important thing to keep in mind is that your ladies golf shoes should fit you perfectly and should not allow your feet to move inside them except for leaving some room around the toes. This will give more stability while making a swing.


Skirts are the most common among women to be worn on a golf course. Smart casual pants are also acceptable. If you want to wear shorts, make sure they are not above the knees. Jeans are strictly prohibited by most of the high-end golf courses.  If you are wearing pants, make sure that they are not too long on you and should not go below your mid-ankle.