Get Involved

Scouts Appeal is a fantastic fundraising recycling programme for Scout Groups across the UK. Your group will earn cash for every reusable mobile phone, PDA and empty printer cartridge recycled – so the more you collect, the more money you will raise!

What to do

  • With the Scouts Appeal recycling to raise money is easy:
  • You’ll receive your Welcome Pack within days of signing up.
  • Use our free resources to promote your appeal to the public.
  • All old phones and cartridges should be put into a cardboard box – NOT the bin.
  • When your box is full, simply request a collection.
  • We’ll come and collect your box and your account will be credited with money earned. (Please make sure your account number is on the box).

What to collect

  • Mobile phones and PDAs have a higher value than printer cartridges so will raise the most money. However, cartridges are more plentiful, so collect both!
  • Lots of people have unwanted mobiles in their homes and businesses generally upgrade their handsets each year so ask both individuals and companies to participate in your appeal.
  • Laser and inkjet cartridges are found in printers, fax machines and desktop copiers– so if anyone you know works in an office or has a home computer ask for their used cartridges!
  • The vast majority of mobile phones and cartridges will generate cash, but there are some which don’t have a value.