Grilling Lamb Backstraps

Lamb is the most enriched protein meat, great for our health. They help us to maintain a healthy diet. There are many different ways to cook lamb. Every part of the world has their own way for cooking different food. If you take a look at Mediterranean cuisine, you will see that there cooking involves more grilling and barbequing of the meat but on the other hand Asian cuisine the use of curry more than grilling. Mine personal favorite way to cook lamb is by grilling it on best gas grills rather than preparing stew or curry. Grilling lamb gives it a crispy seared texture from outside, delicious tender meat from the inside and it is filled with delicious juices. Today we will discuss my favorite recipe to grill lamb on a gas grill.

The most important part of this recipe is its marinate, we need to marinate the meat for about ten to fifteen hours. You must leave the lamb to marinate overnight as in this way all the flavours from marinate can get absorbed the lamb. Go to your butcher a day before you are planning to grill lamb. Then ask him for a backstrap, it’s a meat from the spine. Get the extra fat trim from the meat and get it cutted in three to four inch long pieces.

Now start to prepare marinate. You will need; quarter a cup of olive oil, two teaspoon of cayenne pepper, two cloves of minced garlic, two bay leaves, and half a handful of oregano and rosemary leaves. Mix all of these ingredients together and make sure every piece of the lamb is covered in marinate. Transfer it in the bowl and place it in the refrigerator for overnight, make sure to cover the top of the bowl with the lid or a plastic wrap.

Before you start grilling make sure to remove you lamb at least an hour before so that it can come on the room temperature. Once your lamb is at room temperature start your grill, for that you will need to check the gas supply or gas level in propane tank it should be sufficient for the whole process. Start the grill and turn the heat to high for ten minutes so that its grates get very hot. Once they are hot enough lower the heat to medium and start the grilling. Before you grill your lamb sprinkle some salt and pepper on them, make sure they are coated evenly. Then grill them for about three to four minutes each side for a perfect medium rare lamb backstrap.

Once you have grilled these lambs, make sure to serve them immediately, I like to serve them with pita bread, sauces and Greek yougurt. Invite our friends and family over a weekend for the lunch and surprise them with these delicious lamb recipes. Surely, they will never forget the taste of this finger licking good lamb pieces. They have a rich aroma due to marination with herbs. It increases the level of the dish. I hope that you will try them out.

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