Slow cookers vs pressure cookers

When it comes to cooking, slow cookers and pressure cookers are both great to have in your kitchen. They provide convenient cooking of foods that take time to soften like meat, beans etc.  Although they provide similar results, there is much difference in the ways they achieve this result. Which appliance you prefer for cooking your meal depends upon your cooking style. Here is a comparison between the two:


Slow cookers use low heat to cook food over a long period of time. Food usually takes between 4 to 10 hours to cook in this type of cooker. You can leave the slow cooker on with the food in it to cook for the entire night or you can even leave the house while the food is cooking. It is usually convenient for users who do not want to supervise the food while it’s cooking. They can set the food in the cooker and forget it for hours.

Pressure cookers cook food by building up pressure inside a sealed pot to increase the boiling point of water. Food inside it cooks at very high temperature and is therefore ready faster than it would in any other conventional appliance. It can cook meat in less than 15 minutes after it comes to pressure. Its cooking time is much less than that for slow cooker and is a preferred choice for users who want their meals ready faster.

Quality of food:

Pressure cooker works better for meat as they retain their color and taste. Pressure cooked meat is moist and tender. Meat cooked in slow cooker can lose their texture and color because the longer the food is cooked the more it will lose its natural color, taste and nutrients. However vegetables cooked in a pressure cooker can easily be overcooked and lose their taste since they take very less time to cook. Slow cookers however, retains their shape and does not allow them to overcook.


Stovetop pressure cookers do not have any automated heat regulation. You need some expertise to know the heat adjustments and cooking times for different types of foods otherwise they will come out either burnt or overcooked. This however, is not an issue with slow cookers. These types of electric pressure cookers cook them at low heat and are designed for you to throw your ingredients in it, close the lid, turn it on and forget it! You do not have to worry about food being burnt even if you leave if for hours.

In conclusion, pressure cooker cooks food faster and retains the color, taste and nutrients of most ingredients however you need to be in the kitchen for constant supervision during the entire time it’s cooking. Slow cooker takes a much longer time to cook food but once you have put the ingredients in the cooker and turned it on, no supervision is required. You can utilize this time doing something else.

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